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Teak Plant

Teak (Tectona grandis) is the most important timber tree in India especially for furniture making. It can be grown in all parts of the country except dry western zone, the brand name Super 18 Teak was assigned to the top quality teak produced. It is one of the most important hardwoods of the world and used for furniture. It can withstand extreme of temperature (13-44oC), but more profuse growth observed between 7-15 Year. It grows well in rainfall zone of 1200-2500 mm.

Different stages/awareness of teak plantation

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Year

Seventh year to Fifteenth Year

Only deep inter ploughing has to be done in the month of September.


After plantation saplings should be watered immediately. Drip irrigation is best suitable for teak plants as the plants get sufficient water & absorb nutrients. Plantation will be free of weeds. Hence, plants grow healthy and nourished.


Nutrition management is important in Teak plantation. It is directly dependent on soil nutrients and the required nutrition at the developmental stages.

Note: Nutrients supply has to be sufficient for healthy growth of the plants. Depending on the growth of the plant we need to do soil analysis to fulfill the deficiencies. Below mentioned pictures are the plantations where proper plant care has been taken.


Weed control is very important in teak plantation. Weeds to be controlled first year after plantation so that the plants will be getting more nutrition and yield more.

Tissueculture technology

Advantages of tissueculture teak