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Sandal Plant

Sandalwood (Santalum album L.) is a valuable tree associated with Indian culture. It is the second most expensive wood in the world. The heartwood of the tree is treasured for its aroma and is one of the finest natural materials for carving. Sandalwood oil is used in perfumes, cosmetics, aromatherapy and pharmaceuticals. The monopoly of sandalwood trade by the Governments of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala and its consequences have resulted in severe exploitation, pushing S. album into the vulnerable category of the IUCN Red List. Extensive research has shown that sandalwood exhibits considerable genetic diversity for different traits. However, information pertaining to heartwood and oil content is meagre mainly because of non-availability of sandalwood plantations. Carrying out further research on these two important traits is difficult as natural populations have dwindled rapidly. We strongly urge that it is essential to encourage the establishment of community/corporate sandalwood plantations in different parts of India with appropriate incentives and adequate protective measures. These plantations can form the base population sources to regain the leadership of India in the sandalwood industry for perfumery and the precious art of carving.

Sandalwood is a semi root parasite plant. To grow it well depend on host plant. In the beginning we will provide Toordal.

In one acre land total plants be around 435, the distance from plant to plant be 10ft (10"X 10"). The pits size 45cmX45cmX45cm. Water should not stagnate in the pit. In summer we should provide water twice a week (2Litres a plant) and Bio-Fertilizer, weeding is necessary. After 3 to 4 Years of cultivation it will start flowering, by that time formation of hard wood takes place. After 12 Years each plant may yield almost 10 to 25 Kg of heart wood i.e. depending upon the growth of the tree. If we cultivate properly by 12 Years the girth may around 60 cm at breast level. The oil content in the root is 4% to 6% each year the growth will be 5 cm.

The Costing per Acre
Plant Rs. 50 (vari) X 435 = Rs. 21750/-
Host plants Rs. 10 x 435 = Rs 4350/-
Planting Cost (Including soil working, pits @5/- = each Rs. 4350/-
Cost of drip irrigation Rs. 105000/-
Fencing Rs. 42000/-
Annual weeding and & soil working for 8 years (Rs. 2000X8) =16000/-
Irrigation (Rs. 2000X8) = Rs. 16000/-
Fertilization (Rs. 5000X8) = Rs. 40000/-
Security & Vigilance (Rs. 36000/- per year) for 8 years Rs. 288000/-
Total Expenses Rs. 537450/-


No of Sandalwood tree eligible for extraction 305
Quantity of heart wood expected per tree 15 kg = 4575 Kgs
Average cost of Sandalwood heart wood (Rs. 6000/per Kg) 2,74,50,000
Total expenditure incurred per acre - Rs. 5,37,450/-
Land and other infrastructures per acre Rs. 18,15,000/-
NET PROFIT WOULD BE MORE THAN Rs. 2,50,00,000/-acre (approx.)
For Sandalwood / Chandan Plantation we will supply you and guide you
The Sandalwood / Chandan saplings (which is raised under modern methods of Nursery technique form Inter – pollinated seeds) & Sandalwood Seeds / Chandan Seeds.

"Grow more sandalwood concept, a sustainable agro � forestry, goes beyond mere business, creates cleaner and greener environment for our future generation and financial prosperity."